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Recyclable polyester made from discarded clothes and fabric scraps

To solve the problem of mass disposal faced by the fashion industry.
RENU® contributes to the realization of a circular economy and reduction of fossil resource use, including petroleum, by making effective use of unneeded clothing, leftover fabric and fabric scraps from production. Discarded fibers used as raw materials are recycled through chemical processes such as decomposition and repolymerization to provide products that are not inferior in quality to regular products.


RENU® aims to realize a circular economy by making effective use of fibers that have been disposed of without being used in the conventional linear economy of “Take (mining resources), Make (manufacturing), and Waste (discarding). With the participation of manufacturers, brands, and consumers, we can envision the circle shown in this illustration.

*The raw garments and fabrics are mainly collected in China.


The use of RENU® polyester can have a very large positive environmental impact compared to the use of regular polyester derived from petroleum. The impact of producing recycled polyester for one year by the main partner of RENU® polyester can be measured as follows: