TAKIHYO FOR GOOD(タキヒヨー株式会社のサステナブルサイト)


“Happiness” is a social contribution project launched in 2011 by volunteer employees based on the philosophy of “making people happy through fashion”. At the root of our activities is the desire to “make people smile with fashion”.
We are engaged in a variety of activities to create a spiritually rich society, mainly for the purpose of contributing to the local community and employee education, such as donating our products and holding workshops where volunteer employees can interact with children at orphanages.


The late novelist Jakucho Setouchi and Atsuko Muraki, former Administrative Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, are among the representatives of the “Wakakusa Project,” which supports girls and young women who have difficult lives.
Takihyo continues to donate clothing with a handwritten message to each recipient and conducts clothing-related workshops, all the while exploring forms of support that only Takihyo can provide.