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Green Down Project

Recycled feathers made from collected and recycled down


Down is a special natural material that is light and warm. It also has the ability to regulate temperature and humidity. Although feathers are multifunctional, their supply is greatly affected by changes in the global meat market, avian influenza, and other factors due to their nature as being a by-product of waterfowl harvested for meat.

The Green Down Project was established in response to the need to establish a recycling-oriented business model that respects life and contributes to the natural environment. We aim to establish and promote a system to recycle collected down in Japan.

Green Down refers to recycled down that has been recovered from once-used down products in Japan that have been cleaned and restored in a Japanese factory. In Japan, down feathers used for products have been disposable until now, but in fact, with proper care, they can continue to be used for more than 100 years.

Down Recycling Cycle Society

Down products are collected, refined, and reborn as new Green Down products (recycled down products) by members who sympathize with the Green Down Project.

The realization of a “down circulation cycle,” which is based not only on the technology of a single company, but also on the understanding and cooperation of companies involved in down as well as local communities and individual consumers, will create a society that is friendly to both people and the environment.

・Employment support for people with disabilities, contribution to the community
・Conservation of the environment
・Stable supply of down

Green Down Project


Because of the word “recycled,” one might think that Green Down is not as clean as brand new down.

However, the feathers of down products are rubbed and loosened from each other with use, and with daily changes in humidity and temperature, foreign substances such as oil, grease, and dust are naturally separated from the down. The down is then cleaned in the same procedure as new down, so Green Down that has been cleaned twice, once at the initial stage and again at the recycling stage, is said to be cleaner than ordinary new down.