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A Sericulture Project Using Cassava Leaves, Friendly to the Earth and People

ERI SILK is a heartwarming sericulture project we encountered in Thailand.
Cassava sweet potato is widely known as the source of tapioca. It is very easy to cultivate; just insert the stem into the ground, and it will take root and grow.

As a result, harvested potatoes are traded at very low prices, and even if you have a large area of farmland, you may not be able to escape from poverty. There is also a vicious cycle of the younger generation leaving for urban areas in search of work.

Cassava leaves, like potatoes, are toxic and difficult to eat, and until now have been incinerated.
However, by feeding them to ERI Silkworms, the leaves can now be put to good use. Since the silkworms are considered wild, they have a strong vitality and are not that difficult to cultivate.

This project is friendly to both the environment and people who live there, helping farmers become self-reliant through sericulture.